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NFT Character Builder

Composable Hierarchical NFT Builder
Limited Developer Support
All assets represented in this library are community built, which means limited support from the Agoric OpCo development team. Please use components, APIs, and front-ends with caution.


This Dapp showcases Agoric’s ability to manage hierarchical NFTs, expressed here as a “character builder” in which the character and its equipment are each represented as NFTs that can interact. Developers could modify this code to support their own in-game assets, or to build other NFT-related projects for their communities.


In this tutorial, developers build a Dapp where both the characters as well as the items are NFTs, and will be represented by art assets. Users will have full ownership of their NFTs, meaning that they are able to sell them, trade them, or even burn them. To help users facilitate interacting with their NFTs, a shop will be implemented. This shop will allow users to put their NFTs up for sale or buy NFTs that have been listed for sale at a fixed price.

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