Getting Started

Requirements for setting up your Agoric development environment
Limited Developer Support
All assets represented in this library are community built, which means limited support from the Agoric OpCo development team. Please use components, APIs, and front-ends with caution.

SDK Installation

Please refer to documentation page for the steps to get started.

Helpful Video Tutorials

Browse through key developer tutorials to get you started on your journey developing with Agoric's library of components in Hardened JavaScript..

Starter Guide: Code with Agoric JavaScript Smart Contracts

See installation guide at: https://github.com/RBFLabs/intro-agoric-smart-contracts Note: The video is based on the beta branch of the sdk and it expects the beta branch to be on the version 0.15.0 of the sdk which in fact as of 2023-07-19 beta branch is on 0.16.0.

How To: Build DeFi with Agoric